Need a New Farm Building... but not sure how to pay for it?



Landowners may apply for a farm building provided the following criteria are satisfied:

  • The farm must be in Ontario.
  • The farm must have an electrical grid at the property.
  • The farm owner is willing to agree to the standards of use set forth in the lease.
  • The farm building must be an approved use by the municipality.
  • There must be full rooftop exposure to the south. Building must be aligned east to west length-wise to allow unrestricted sunshine to the farm building.
  • The farm building should be located as close to the road as possible and as close to your laneway as possible. We will accept locations up to 1500 feet from the road but distance could adversely impact project economics.
  • The building site must be reasonably flat and level however, we will accept any building site with the understanding that problem terrain could result in project cancellation.
  • At this time, the Farm must be located in any of the following area codes: 226, 249, 289, 343, 365, 416, 519, 613, 647, 705, 807 and 905.

Add revenue to your farm by having a farm building constructed on your farm under the Hay Solar lease program. Hay Solar has developed a unique farm building design that allows us to construct an agricultural farm building for hay, straw, equipment storage, cattle or other livestock housing and vehicle storage. There are many other possible farm building uses but the application must be approved by Hay Solar and the municipality. A roof mounted solar system will be installed on your farm building, which will provide a revenue stream to Hay Solar that covers the capital cost of the entire solar facility over the term of the lease. As the Landowner, you will have no capital costs for the farm building as described in the Farm Building Specification section of this website.

In the lease, Hay Solar will pay the landowner $100 per year in rent and an additional $100 per year to maintain the appearance of the grounds around the farm building.

The farm building contains approximately 11,250 square feet of interior storage space. The dimensions of the farm building are approximately 50 feet wide and 225 feet in length. Please note that all dimensions are approximate and are subject to change during the engineering phase of the project.


Our Lease

The Landowner must enter into a lease agreement with Hay Solar. Over the term of the lease you get to use the farm building for your agricultural purposes. When the lease expires, the farm building and the "green" energy it generates become yours outright. HaySolar will commence appropriate filings with your Local Distribution Company and the Ontario Power Authority upon receipt of the signed lease.

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Online Applications: Registering online for our program allows you access to our Farm Building Lease.