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How do I apply for participation in the farm building program?

Apply online and you will immediately be offered a link to download our lease. Once you download your lease, then you may follow the "Hay Solar Fast Track Program" to speed up your application process. The fast track program facilitates completion of the lease and submission to our office for approval with telephone, fax or email support from Hay Solar. Once received, the approval of your lease application may take several months due to the high volume of applications. To apply online for a lease application and information package, please click here.

Are there any hidden costs or fees?

No.  Hay Sloar pays for all costs of developing, permitting and constructing the selected farm building.  Under the lease, the landowner is responsible for payment of any property taxes associated with the farm building (exclusive of the solar installation).  Any taxes associated with the cost of the solar installation or the power generated and sold from the facility are the responsability of Hay Solar.  If you elected to engage a lawyer, to assit with the lease, this cost will be the landowner's responsibility.

How long is the lease?

The initial lease is 20 years from the date that we connect the solar system to the grid. The lease contains an option to extend the initial 20 year term for an additional 5 years.

Will I be off the grid in 20 or 25 years?

It will depend on the amount of electricity that you use on your farm; however, most farms will have more than enough solar power from the Hay Solar system to run your farm and up to 20 other houses in the area. This solar electricity will most likely be a significant source of "green" revenue that you can sell to the grid or use at your farm. we beleive the best option will be to sell the power and get revenue from the company responsible for power procurement.

Will my property value increase?

It will depend on the use of your new farm building. If you have a hay operation and we construct a farm building for hay storage, then the value of your property will be improved due to the improved value of your business.

Am I allowed to have a the farm building constructed but leave the it empty?

No, the barn must have a reasonable use approved by the municipality and Hay Solar reserves the right to sub-lease your barn to another farm if it remains empty or unused for more than 12 consecutive months.

I need a wider barn, can you offer it 60ft wide?

No.  We need to construct based upon the standard designs and specifications set forth on our website in order to realize critical economies od scale in the materials procurement and construction phases of our program.

What does the farm building look like?

The farm building is a post frame farm building with steel siding on the roof and north/south sides of the building. The floor will be native soil unless you decide to prepare the site otherwise.

What is the height of the farm building?

17 ft on the north side and 8 ft on the south side.

May I build the farm building myself?

No - but you may do the site preparation work including grading, removal of topsoil and providing gravel for the floor. You may also construct a road to the farm building. All work on the farm building must be done by Hay Solar or an approved builder. We may allow you to do some work but this will need to be agreed to, approved and inspected by Hay Solar. Interior work that does not connect to the building (horse stalls, etc.) may be done by the Land Owner but must be approved by Hay Solar.

How do I qualify for the annual rent?

The Land Owner automaticlally qualifies when the lease is signed and will be paid $100 per year in annual rent.  To claim this revenue, the Land Owner or his agent will be required to mow grass around the farm building.This is to encourage the Land Owner to avoid any claim on the insurance policy to keep our costs low. The Land Owner will not be required to do maintenance on the barn and will not be allowed to climb on the roof of the facility.

Will my farm use the solar power?

Yes, the solar power will inititally flow out to the street and then some may return back to your farm as needed but your electric meter cannot tell the difference and will read the same as before. At nightime, you will use normal grid power.

How do I know if my farm is on a single or three phase grid?

You can call your electric company (such as Hydro One) or any local electrician. You can also get a good idea by looking at the wooden utility poles on the municipal road in front of your farm (these are the poles that run down the road but are not the service going to your property) and a single phase pole looks like this and a three phase system looks like this. Please note that there are many variations and that you will need to confirm this prior to submitting your lease application.

Who owns the farm building?

The farm building is owned by Hay Solar during the term of the lease. The Land Owner has exclusive use of the inside of the building and Hay Solar has exclusive use of the roof for solar energy production. After 20 years, if the 5 year option extension is not exercised, the farm building and the solar installation become the property of the Land Owner. After 25 years, if the 5 year option extension is exercised, the farm building and the solar installation become the property of the Land Owner.

What happens if I take the farm building and then I want to sell my farm?

The Hay Solar lease is registered on the title of the property and the farm building and lease are sold along with the farm.  The new landowner will take the property subject to the lease.

Can the farm building ever be removed?

The farm building is permanently constructed and it is highly unlikely that the structure would ever be removed or relocated. After the lease is over, the farm building and solar installation (including any power generated therefrom) becomes the property of the Land Owner.  Hay Solar has no legal obligation to remove the farm building.

Who pays for the insurance?

Hay Solar provides insurance for the basic farm building and solar installation. The Land Owner must provide insurance for the farm property and the contents of the farm building.

I have a vacant parcel of land. Can I apply for a farm building?

Yes but the land must be zoned rural agricultural and must be at least 5 acres of flat land to accommadate the farm building. You would have to arrange to sub-lease the farm building to a local farm or business to ensure an approved municipal use. Also, the farm building would have to be fenced to avoid vandalism and you may be required to pay the costs of the fencing. The location of your farm building needs to be close proximity to a single or a three phase interconnection.

Can I change my mind after I sign the lease?

Yes, the latest version of our lease has a 10 day cool down period where you can cancel the lease for any reason. Just fax in a letter within 10 days of the date that you signed the lease and we will cancel the application.

I am in North Bay. Can I participate in the program?

If your farm is located in 705, 519, 416, 647, 905, 519, 226, 613 area code then we will accept your application.