Google Maps

This slide deck is designed to give you a step by step proces to determine the GPS location of your desired Hay Solar farm building.  The use of the CN Tower and Roger’s Stadium are intended to mirror how you would use your farm location to pinpoint the GPS information for the desired Hay Solar farm building location within your farm parcel.  Determination of the Hay Solar farm building GPS is a critical requirement to timely process your Farm Building Lease.

Step 1:  Go to google maps

Step 2: Type in the address you want to locate.

For example, if you are looking for the CN tower in Toronto, you would type the following address:

301 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

That address is recognized by the red marker with the letter A on the map.


Step 3: You then realize the correct GPS location you wanted was the baseball park (Rogers’s Stadium) slightly to the left.

So you point the curser to baseball field location.

You then right click with your mouse .


As you can see, a small menu window with various instructions opens up: “Directions from here”….. to “Report a problem”.


Step 4: Select the Menu option “What’s here”

Upon selection of the “What’s here” option, the address that was listed as:

301 Front Street West, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Is now replaced with:

43.641572, -79.388409.


Those are the GPS of the baseball field. The green arrow points to this specific GPS location. The red marker still shows the location of the CN tower’s address that was used as the starting location to zero in on the baseball field.

To use this tool to determine the GPS of your farm, assume that your farm is the CN tower in the above example and the specific GPS location of the desired Hay Solar farm building is the baseball field.