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FIT 3 Contract Offers are Announced!

The OPA has identified the projects that will be offered power contracts under the FIT 3 Program. We are working with the OPA to determine the specifics of each project application. Once we have details established, we will be contacting lease holders to explain next steps.

See details by clicking HERE


We are also preparing for FIT 4, scheduled to roll out later this year. Transmission capacity, along with availability of 3 phase power at a given location, greatly increase site eligibility. We will communicate details regaurding FIT 4 as they become available.

Increase Your Farm Productivity with a Farm Building
The Hay Solar is please to offer farm buildings with roof mounted solar systems for Ontario farms that meet the National Farm Building Code of Canada and also meet the requirements of the Ontario FIT program. We have consulted with OMAFRA and the OFA to gain their ongoing advice in the design of our new farm buildings to ensure that we offer you the best agricultural farm building for your operation. We also have a strict policy that prohibits the construction of a Hay Solar building for the sole purpose of producing solar energy.

Having Trouble Finding the GPS Location of Your Farm?

For help with using Google Maps to determine the GPS location of your farm click here.

This website provides a summary of certain terms contained in our Lease Agreement and does not constitute an offer. Any picture, dimensions or specifications of the proposed farm building is subject to change without notice and may include features not offered without additional costs such as, but not limited to, wall colors, wall coverings, building height, soffits, facia and building location. Hay Solar Holdings ULC may alter the terms or cancel this program at any time without notice.